Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This car looks slightly smaller in the cold.

Courtney sent in ICE PNS, which I would guess to this driver means Ice Princess, but without an R in PNS, PNS just looks like penis. Courtney writes:

I was "lucky" enough to catch this on my way home the other day. All I could think, at first, was "Oh, brrrr! And I thought an annual exam was chilly!"


MooseNuggette said...

Another Seinfeld reference...Shrinkage!

Great catch!

Cattledog Manifesto said...

Never know, she could be a native of Pensacola, FL. The airport's 3-letter station code there is PNS. I used to work at the airport there. "The PNS" was the topic of many jokes. Especially when paired with other station codes such as Sioux City Iowa's SUX, or Fresno's FAT, or Fukuoka, Japan's FUK...the list goes on.
As for the "ice" part....well, Pensacola does have a hockey team called the Ice Pilots. Or, she could just be a Pensacola native with a meth habit (and a particular fondness for tofu, according to the sticker).

MooseNuggette said...

Cattledaog, I work at ANC and LOVED your comment!!! I'm going with the Pensecola Ice Pilot fan theory and just cracking up at the rest of the info!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because there's a picture of a pine tree on the Oregon plate, but I read it as "Ice Pines."