Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Hybrid can beat up your SUV

Happy Earth Day! What better way to save the earth than brag about it on our cars! Our first, however, does just the opposite: GAZGZLR (Gas Guzzler). Betsy T. writes: So basically, this jerk in a Chevy behemoth cut me off and I found myself rather annoyed. Then I noticed the license plate. Assbag is honest about his fuel consumption at any rate, but what takes the cake was the flag 'freedom' license plate choice. This is why the entire solar system hates America.
Helen C. sent in SAVERTH (Save Earth). So I'm guessing the driver of this vehicle bought an SUV, and then decided to go with an environment plate and message, you know, to cancel out all that bad karma.

Heidi R. sent in EPA OK. The EPA isn't FANTASTIC or GREAT or even GOOD. They are just okay... And I got this vanity plate to prove it.


Intense Guy said...

Well, those people are saving one thing... they will never wear out their brain cells....

Meredith said...

Isn't the Escape a hybrid?