Monday, April 19, 2010

You had me at "bacon"

Brian P. sent in SOME PIG. He writes: It's a Pig Mobile, of course. Fremont Sunday market, Seattle, WA.

Do you think the horn honks OINK OINK!? Wouldn't that be totally sweet?

Honestly, if you are driving a giant porcine vehicle, then maybe it isn't so crazy to own a vanity plate. I can only hope they were serving some sort of bacon product from the back, or at least something with this sprinkled on it: Bacon Salt.


Aaron of Minneapolis said...

Somebody certainly went hog wild with their project vehicle. :-)

Intense Guy said...


And they are hogging the plate too!


Perhaps this person is a big fan of Charlotte's Web. ;)

katz said...

That has Fremont written all over it.

Jamie said...

I was thinking of Charlotte's Web too when I saw this plate!