Thursday, July 30, 2009

I sneak up on people

I've had several requests to bash hybrid vanity plates. For those of you who have emailed me, consider this post your dream come true. You're welcome.

These first two plates come from Jen G. 7T MPG (Seven Tee Miles Per Gallon... Seventy Miles Per Gallon). The plate holder says I NEED MY SPACE. Yes, for all that smug you carry around.
IH8 GAS (I hate gas). Wait a second, haven't I seen this before? I have (see Silent But Deadly), except now you love zombies. Fantastic. You know you have a bad plate when two separate people send it to the same website. Also, here is a suggestion for the driver: Try Beano.58MPG is from Amanda J. She writes: I can understand the excitement of having to get gas about half as many times as normal, but exactly how excited do you have to be to do this?HYB1RD. Unfortunately, this looks like High Bird, no? LadyStyx, who sent in this picture, seems to agree. She writes: So, what, Big Bird got into Snuffy's main stash?

Congratulations to this driver for botching the word hybrid completely.


Anonymous said...

I saw one that was something like "UNEEQ 2" and first had the obligatory thought, "are you that unique if UNIQUE, UNIQUE2, and UNEEQ were already taken?" Then I thought it might be a more self-aware kind of joke: "I'm unique, too! Ha, ha, get it?"

It also occurs to me that this could be a joke about the vanity plate application form. I've never seen one but surely it says something like, "your plate number must be unique." Upon reading something like that, I'd be tempted to write "UNIQUE" down as my choice, particularly if I had started the process without any idea of what I wanted on the plate.

I know, I know, who does that? Why would you decide to pay extra to get a vanity plate when you don't even have anything in mind to put on it? Well, I don't know why either, but this behavior is the only way to explain some of these plates.

bodoba said...

Haha, that's hilarious! Love the sesame street reference. Keep up the good work!

LadyStyx said...

Thank you thank you...I'll be here all week! Sad when a misspelled plate makes you think of a stoned pre-school character....

Hossrex said...

I hope the IH8Gas guy knows we're all laughing at him.