Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So it's a new year and we (Mr. and Mrs. HLP) need to update you on a couple of things regarding our blog. We have moved to a new city, and things have picked up, so we are sort of limited on the amount of time we spend working on the blog (specifically email -- It's just grown so quickly). So to make things easier on ourselves, (and because we want to continue bringing you the most hilarious plates on the internet) we've made a few changes:

-Personal e-mail replies cannot always be guaranteed (we will try our hardest though!)
-Notification that your plate is posted on a certain day cannot always be guaranteed (Again, we will try our hardest!)
-Posting on the weekend will be discontinued. I know, this means no more Loving the Lord Sunday, BUT we will post some of our favorite religious plate fails during the week occasionally.

Our goal has always been to provide a place where we can all share in our plate rage and laugh a little, and it will continue to be just that. Thanks for your understanding. We love our platerazzi!

-Mr. and Mrs. HLP


Doctor on a bike said...

No problem. Funny to me not always funny to others. You guys are the appropriate filter. I check the site so often, I don't really need confirmations or notifications. But, do bring back the weekend posts when you can. PLEASE!!

HorribleLicensePlates said...

Aw thanks. Our intention is to bring the site back with all of it's features (and more!) when we can. Thanks for your support!

Intense Guy said...


I hope you enjoy living in your new city! May it be filled with just ordinary, run of the mill, random letter and number plates!


Sara said...

I was fine until I got to "no lovin the lord" Sunday. Oh, please, pleeeeeease can you find a way to keep that going? I'm not a blog expert but I feel like I've heard of people having their blogs automatically post at certain times. Maybe you could write two posts on Friday, and the LTL could post itself on Sunday and you would still feel like you had the weekend off.

That's my selfish suggestion. ;) You know what's too much for you guys, and I'm so grateful for the daily entertainment to this point! Thanks!

Small Town Police Blotters said...

Aw heck- just when I submitted a Lovin' the Lord plate to you guys.

And I was so proud of myself for finding it, too. South Dakota needs to be represented on your site by more than just guns & cunnilingus. I mean, we HAVE that, but we're also so much more.

But I totally understand about time constraints. I have drastically fallen back on updating my blog, too. I'll check regularly, maybe my plate will make it as a religious plate fail, even if it's not Sunday. And I'll keep my eyes peeled for more! Always!!

MooseNuggette said...

How could I complain when I can't find the time to process plates photographed last August?!!

Count me as another who doesn't need notification if you post a submission. And while I enjoy your replies to my emails you won't turn me away by NOT replying.

So are you in Virginia now? Did you move there on purpose???

Anonymous said...

How about Lovin' the Lord Monday? I can usually use a little dig at people the day after some of those around me just got their big weekly dose of religion.

LadyStyx said...

Since I follow you on Facebook, no need to tell me when mine's posted and although Im not in here often, I do have a set of eyes that will tell me when one (or several) of mine get posted.

As for a lack of time... I totally understand. I still owe you a letter from that last batch...lol.... nevermind my own blog which has been so totally neglected!