Friday, January 15, 2010

Who Doesn't?

I H8 PMS came from Alison B. Obviously, this driver has a problem with PMS. My response to that would be that, yes, most women do hate PMS. But the most important point here is: Most women don't pay extra to express their mensuration problems on their Corvettes.
Robert W sent in PMS-727 with this note: Personalized? Who knows. Unfortunate - yes!

PMS - 7 days a week, 27 hours a day.

A previous public menstruation lover, for your enjoyment.


tank said...

I hate it too...but no, I don't want it posted on my car!

Intense Guy said...

Well the upside is - its like a warning sign to STAY the heck away!

Maybe it gets them out of speeding and other moving violation tickets?


MooseNuggette said...

Maybe it's the husband's car and he hits the road when his wife is PMSing.

BluelineGoddess said...

The Colorado one isn't personalized - that's the old format for license plates (3 letters, 3 numbers).