Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Better late than a vanity plate

Chiari L. sent us ALWYSL8 (always late). I'm not sure why anyone would want a license plate with this plastered on it, but thanks for the warning, I guess.

Lexi sent us I R LATE (I are late?). I are don't know grammar very good. Glad they didn't resort to using "L8" at least.

Rachel R. sent us IM LATE. Nice excuse, but I would guess this doesn't really work with law enforcement.DNTBL8 comes to us from MooseNuggette. Uh, thanks for the warning? Although my warning to this driver would be: Don't be a douche.


Intense Guy said...

I really hate people that are chronicially late. Its totally rude and disprespectful. To put it on a plate and make like its funny is just sick.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine once had a white VW Rabbit with the vanity plate "IM LATE". I thought it was clever.