Monday, February 22, 2010

My water broke! Oh wait... That's just antifreeze.

Ah, BIRTH. What is it about that process that makes you want to get a vanity plate of such an event? Is it the pooping in front of strangers? Is it showing your hey-nanny-nanny to a room full of spectators? Is it the pain!? Is it the (*shudder*) PLACENTA!!?

It's the poop, isn't it?

(BABY probably would have been a better choice, eh? Thanks, Alison B.)


Sara said...

Once I saw a red pickup truck with a Virginia (of course) plate that said PLACNTA. This was over 3 years ago, I was on a walk without my camera, and I still regret not catching that one.

Mrs. HLP said...

I love your comment Sara. Especially the part about "catching" the placenta. Hahahaha. But I guess if you are going to "catch" a placenta, license plate form would be preferred ;-P

Alison said...

"hey nanny nanny"... going to giggle over that for awhile this morning!!