Monday, February 15, 2010

Episode II: Attack of the Vain

I had a request to post some of my favorite Star Wars finds. I am doing this not because they are necessarily horrible, just extremely geeky. This series will be in two parts, Episodes I & II. I am releasing episode II before I, however, because I am Mrs. HLP, princess of the Plate Rage People (and I do want I want).
Laura P. sent in our first plate: RUJEDI2. She writes:

This one took me a minute. I finally figured out it said "Are you Jedi too." .... but we're in Idaho. I thought we raised master pitchfork wielders, not light saber wielders!
That's QUI-GON Jinn to you! Just need to work on your aim.

Probably on the way to his mom's house (Oh and I have her plate too. See: Luke... hhhhh... I am Your Mother). May the Force guide you out of my lane, Sir! (JEDI plate is from Jason G.)


jackie31337 said...

My brain remixed the first one into "rudejedi2". I was wondering how there could be that many rude jedis out there that they had to start numbering them.

Heidi Renée said...

*waves hand* These are not the plates you're looking for.