Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I AM retired. I was tired yesterday, and I am tired again today.

MooseNuggette sent in today's plate: NO401K [No 401(k)]. She writes:

I’ve seen this plate 3 or 4 times over the past year but it was always movin’ – go figure. Finally captured it for you! I happen to think it is pretty funny, but am pretty sure you’ll have a stronger reaction.

Stronger, indeed. Basically I think this driver is trying to tell us that he spent his retirement on a Porsche Carrera AND A VANITY PLATE. Really smart, if you ask me.


Intense Guy said...

Nice catch Moose Nuggets!

MooseNuggette said...

Thanks Iggy!

Anonymous said...

The writers of this site seem to get so fired up over some vanity plates. C'mon, NO401K on an expensive car? That's funny! Nice pic, moose nuggets!