Monday, May 17, 2010

Mr. Creepy McCreeperson

Correy sent us GR8D8B8. Yes, this says, "Great Date Bait." According to the Urban Dictionary, Date Bait is: any material object or event that entices the opposite sex to seek interest in reuniting with a person at a later date. Correy writes:

I saw this plate the other day. No offense to other SE-R owners that might be reading this but Nissan's have no soul! As a chick, I'm not impressed!

Yeah, as a chick myself, nothing tops my list of desires more than a Nissan, a vanity plate, a tailpipe I can stick my head into.


Anonymous said...

Oh good lord.

Anonymous said...

Even worse - I read it as " Grade 8 date bait' now he's a pedophile too. ewww