Friday, May 28, 2010

Screaming Metal Deathtrap

I think I am going to stay with yesterday's theme of bad parking and bring you this next plate from Jenna Lee A, RIDE2DIE (Ride to die). She writes: Ride to Die; Can't park to live (see curb in lower left corner).
And isn't the phrase supposed to be "ride OR die?" As in, you're down for whatever, even if it kills you? To me RIDE2DIE just screams suicide vehicle. How pleasant.


Intense Guy said...

Yep, they need to pick that car owner up - they could be a terrorist..

(hey feds.. just a joke here ok?)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree, I've always heard "ride or die" not "ride to die". I would never get in a car with that on the plate! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was tryin to say ready to die??? Haha LOLz