Thursday, May 20, 2010

Well, I H9 you. That is H8 + 1.

YUH8TEN (Why you hatin'?) is from Katherine T. She writes: What I thought was funny about this was the license plate frame that says “retired US air force”. I just can’t imagine an older man who was in the military with a pimped out Mercedes having a plate like this. The two just don’t go together, but I guess I was wrong!

Why am I "h'eight'ten'"? Let me count the ways! This plate is all over the place: missing words, extra Ts, letters used to represent words, numbers used to represent letters. The plate-rage is strong with this one.

U 8H I was sent in by MooseNuggette (not to be confused with moose knuckles!). I guess this is supposed to be one of those look-in-your-rear-view-mirror kind of plates, because then it would read: I H8 U (I hate you). Kudos if this is actually mounted to the front of your vehicle, but I am pretty sure it has to be displayed on the back as well. YOU EIGHTH I just doesn't have the same effect now, does it?