Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Most Wanted via Twitter for the week of 4/5

Hey guys! I was wondering how to expand this whole Twitter feature, since our following continues to grow, and we are getting quite a few tweets throughout the week. Would you like it if I shared everyone's tweets by tweeting them to everyone who follows? Or do you like the weekly "best of" feature? I just feel so bad for those that get cut from the list, because they are really good too! Let me know how you feel about it in the comments and indicate which method of Most Wanted you enjoy the most. Thanks. Also that twitpic is hilarious @Steggo; Definitely a most wanted!

PrincessPissy@LicensePlteBlah NJ plate: ALJKDUP (all jacked up?) on a truck with enormous wheels.

museummusings@LicensePlteBlah Saw RI Plate: ZZBEE it seems as if we needed to be told the sound represented by ZZ was for bees and not sleeping.

Steggo @licenseplteblah sorry for the fuzzy http://twitpic.com/2rw62

dandibandit@licenseplteblah I saw BURITO 5 on my way to Mal-Wart. I LOL'd.

bethanyedwards@LicensePlteBlah Flatbed for a towing company- TOW U K.

kmtetour@LicensePlteBlah CARB MAN, saving the world one carb at a time.

Derdrom@LicensePlteBlah SUMDEY - Cincinnati, in a Bengals frame w/ Who Dey slogan--probably referencing that & (for some reason) reads as some day.

DChi606@LicensePlteBlah "VIOLA" - Does the person play the viola or is her name Viola?

yourjojo@LicensePlteBlah Today I couldn't get a picture of MSHYWD. All I can come up with is "mushy wood", and that's nothing to brag about.

kbrobaseball@LicensePlteBlah SHE-DOG...apparently the driver's a real b*tch, and is proud of it.

Derdrom@LicensePlteBlah CRABBBY - Almost good, but the extra B makes me extra crabby. Parked at a mall in Cincinatti, OH or nearby Florence, KY.


ydontusteponit said...

SHAM WOW?! OMG that is awesome!!!

You know, I follow you on twitter and it would be nice to know everyone's tweets. Maybe forward them to the followers?

Emily E. said...

hmmm- maybe RT the best ones and put all of them in recap posts.

Bridgete said...

I like the RT idea.

wondermart said...

I second Emily E's idea, reversed. RT them all and put the "best of" on the site. If that's not too much work.

Blaez said...

how about posting friday the "best of the week" mon-thurs tweets posted. then on monday to a "best of the weekend" fri, sat and sun tweets posted.

Anonymous said...

I think mshywd is Ms. Hollywood.

Mandi said...

Sooo... if I don't have twitter, can I just comment on the Best Of Post? (I'm gonna do it anyway. :)) I saw the other day on I295 in Jacksonville, FL:


hm. Kinda defeats the purpose, doesn't it?