Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Less Polite Version of The Wienermobile

CCK KAR was sent in by Melly L. She writes: Ironically, my friend and I were on our way to a Girl’s Night Out when we saw this fantastic display of chauvinism. We can’t figure out anything else it could be implying. Cick? Cack? Cuck? Ceck? No….

So c*ck car it is!

Oh my.

Here is a link to our infamous wienermobile post. Who wants a hot dog?


Cloudia said...

Funny you should post this.
The Wienermobile is back in Honolulu after 19 year absence and I'm jonesing for a wiener whistle. Lost mine years ago....remember when Lil` Oscar was a "little person" who made public appearances for the kids?

It's official, I'm becoming an old old Hawaiian fart....

Comfort Spiral

Deborah Godin said...

What a DKHED.

FreedomFirst said...

Well, it COULD be someone's initials, badly chosen.

Anonymous said...

CC is another way to say Commander. Maybe he or she is Commander K?
But I agree--badly chosen. Or maybe it's a warning. I wish my ex-boyfriends had been so up-front from the beginning. lol!