Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm not fat; I'm "fluffy"

After all of that...

BUTTAH (butter),
HAGNDAZ (Haggen-Dazs ice cream),
APPLE PI (Apple pie for nerds),
and CAKE last week...
This week I am going to eat nothing but SALADZ (and leftovers, of course).

Plate credit:
BUTTAH - MooseNuggette
HAGNDAZ - Erika S.
APPLE PI - Bonnie Z.
CAKE - Heather M.
SALADZ - Kolleen SALADZ! (You don't make friends with SALADZ!)


Intense Guy said...

I can't beleive its not buttah...

Wow. You could put together a complete buffet with vein plates...

Nokomis Snape said...

*joins the conga line*

You don't make friends with don't make friends with salad..

Wonderful Simpson's Eppie...and funny plates!

LadyStyx said... Im all hungry!