Saturday, November 21, 2009

More misinterpretations...

Since it's one of my favorite categories, I am going to bring you a few more misinterpretations for your viewing pleasure today.

Our first is from LadyStyx who helps us out with this misinterpretation: Ok. This could be their way of saying that they miss Arizona. It could also be their way of expressing their preferences (some families go to the beach, az 4 us, we'd rather be in the mountains). OR it could be the vehicle of butt aficionados...
Next we have LTSGOSX from Jason G. "Let's go Sox," right?

Or, "Let's go sex." Uh, no thanks.
Our last is from Crystal, 1BEBE. She writes: Did the shark eat 1 bebe?

I mean, you have to laugh because that looks exactly like what is happening on that plate.

Mmm. Tasty, tasty bebes.


Intense Guy said...

Az 4 ME, I think deliberately misinterpreting vein plates is hilarious fun. :)

GOSX! LMAO... I'll never be able to hear my Mom cheer on her team without laffing/barfing in my mouth again.

Bebe? B-Bs.. Who'd want to eat a B-B?

Kate said...

I saw one along these lines just this morning, but alas, no camera with me. It said HCKY MA 1. It actually took me a minute that it was not, as I orignially suspected, "Hicky" ma, but it was "Hockey" ma. darn.

MooseNuggette said...

LOL at LTSGOSX! Bet they get a lot of honking and waving!

LadyStyx said...