Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Puppies, Kittens, and Vanity Plate Owners (oh my!)

How else is one to inform the masses that they are extremely attractive and adorable? A vanity plate, of course. Our first, IMAQT1 (I'm a cute one), is from Alison B. She writes: This took my breath away... on a number of levels. Ugh...

Jamie sent in QTY P2T. Cutie Patootie is defined as: Someone or something so cute that the word cute itself had to morph into something cuter.
Tina sent in these next two. She writes: "IMA-QDE" kind of goes along with the one I sent you a while back that said "TOQT4U"-- one thing we apparently don't lack here (aside from vanity plates) is self-esteem.
Yay, Virginia.

CUTE ZE is from THE GRAMMARPHILE. Her only thoughts were: The "CUTE ZE" one actually makes me a little queasy, haha.

So QT, I kind of want to ralph.

If you haven't reached your threshold of cute for today, may I suggest a little cute overload? I promise no vanity plates there.


Anonymous said...

QT = cute? Ugh.

Intense Guy said...

If only their owners were as QT as they thought they were... it would make my morning commute so much more fun.


MooseNuggette said...

TOQT4U looks like toot for you. Unless someone gets a close or long look at the plate that is the first thing that will register. D'oh!