Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm not sure how I passed my driver's exam either.

SYKO comes to us from a member of our Alaskian platerazzi, MooseNuggette. I assume this plate is referring to this drivers mental status, "psycho." According to wikipedia: Psycho is a slang word for a person who is either psychopathic or psychotic. The term is often considered mildly offensive or derogatory.

Yeah it sounds like a great idea to give a license to someone who frequently loses contact with reality.

Oh, and have I mentioned the delusions and hallucinations? They make driving such a task. Watch out for that giant purple-spotted unicorn near Main Street. It will eat you!


Intense Guy said...

Hey its a big black caddilac.. they had to be Syko. Nice catch MooseNuggets!

Marie from MI said...

Looks like it could be "sicko", but I think that might be creepier.