Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ask me about my stimulus package.

Tina M. sent us this B1GPKG (Big Package?). As in, small car (MINI Cooper), big package, maybe? Virginia, how does this stuff get approved? I am sure this driver only got this plate so he could say, "Hey, I saw you staring at my big package!"



Intense Guy said...


Usually the "little guys" get big 4x4 trucks to "compensate".

jackie31337 said...

It's Virginia: you pay them your $10, and they put any 7 letters on a plate, no questions asked.

I had a friend from VA who adopted the nickname Kiwidog after a drunken session of trying to think up what you could fit on a vanity plate. To my knowledge, he never did get that on a plate, though.