Friday, March 5, 2010

You stop laughing right MEOW.

CTZMEOW (Cat's Meow) comes to us from platty. Cat's Meow is an expression referring to something that is considered outstanding.

A truck is usually associated with manliness in some respects, but this plate is screaming crazy cat lady, no? Outstanding, indeed!


Intense Guy said...

This plate is so oxymoronic it makes my head hurt.

Laura Payne said...

It would work better with an "s" than a "z" because the plural form of cat uses the voiceless phoneme /s/ to follow the voiceless phoneme /t/. The voiced phoneme /z/ should only be used to form a plural in words that end in a voiced consonant.

Wolvie Girl said...

My husband is a very manly man, but he goes completely to mush around cats.