Monday, March 1, 2010

No duh!

Jessica B. sent in ITSNXLR. At first I got this plate and was like, "It's an elixir?" And then I realized it was on a Cadillac XLR: It's an XLR, DUH! Although after all that mind numbing thinking, I'm going to need an elixir. Make it a double.Here is another DUH plate, KATLAK. Not only have you butchered the word "Cadillac," but you've went ahead and posted it on your car. (from Lauren at the Perplexikon)

Guess what kind of car this plate is on? A Porsche Cayenne. Get it? Cayenne pepper! I know, it hurts. (Plate via Amanda)

I'm going to take that elixir now, and then scream into a pillow.


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Wolvie Girl said...

I read "it's an elixir" too. The third one would have worked better if it just said "pepper", the "kin" bit is just confusing.

I think that vanity plates with the make or model of your car are the worst kind of vanity. People who would be impressed by that particular car know what it is already, and everyone else just doesn't care.

Intense Guy said...

Make mine a diet Dr Pepper..

I'm not impressed with most people regardless with what their plate says - but I am impressed with HorribleLicensePlates! Thanks for all the laughs!