Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm only speeding because I really have to poo.

Alison B. sent us POOLADY (Poo Lady). She writes:

Really... she didn't smell that bad...

Alison also sent another photo (not pictured) of the back of this car that helps us out with the real interpretation, which indicates this is a Pool Lady; as in, she plays pool. Pool Lady FAIL!

It's too bad, lady-- You're just one L away from not being the poop lady.


MooseNuggette said...

Too Funny!

I once saw an AK plate that read BIGUY. I could only assume he was going for "Big Guy" and missed by a 'G'. Haven't seen "Bi Guy" since then.

Intense Guy said...

Someone please change the rules so you can buy a consonant.