Sunday, April 12, 2009

John #316

Happy Easter, friends!

JOHN316, referring to the bible verse I'm sure. The problem I have with the plate is that people who've never heard of John 3:16 (non-believers, you would have to assume) still have no idea what you are referring to, so your point is a confusing one. We are glad that you are Lovin' the Lord though. Keep the religious plates coming my platerazzi!

Now don't you have a church service to attend?


Jerod Poore said...

John 3:16 shorthand just isn't the same without Rollen Stewart, a.k.a. That guy in the rainbow wig who's at every sporting event on national TV.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Who cares if THEY dont understand?? I dont understand alot of shit. But I understand John 3:16

Happy Easter.

-kel said...

Maybe I'm a heathen, but until I was 16 I thought John 3:16 was a Bible verse relating to sporting events...I'd only seen it referenced on signs people held up at televised games. "Lo, and He said unto them, 'GO TEAM!'"

Gina T said...

Hey, I sent that one in - cool, and thanks!