Sunday, May 10, 2009

You're going to poke someone's eye out with that thing

Usually, we have a Lovin' the Lord feature on Sundays, but I think in honor of Mother's day I will present you with the stack of mom plates we've had in the archive (sorry, Lord).

WOW MOM. Why do we like Mom so much? Because she taught us what palindromes were. You can also flip this one upside down. (Picture taken by Amanda T.)

HPPYM♥M (Happy Mom). Thanks for letting us know. I'm sure DPRSDMOM feels really good about herself right now. (Jen H. sent this in with the comment: ahhhhh... sunshine and flowers and butterflies... or at least hearts. May I please stop puking rainbows now?)
BZY MAMA. This bothers me. I'm not a mom but I would sure feel the urge to ask this driver why she thinks she needs to announce that she is busy. Aren't all mom's busy? Give me a break. (Picture taken by Jamie P.)

At least this isn't your mom, eh? And don't forget about this mom lover.

Happy Mother's Day to all my ladies out there.


FreedomFirst said...

Thankyou. :)


I like the WOW MOM one. :) Pretty coolsies.

LadyStyx said...

First thing that popped into my mind with the Cali plate was Hippy Mom!

bobo said...

Bitter Old Bitch--I think you may need to change your user name. Using emoticons and the word "coolsies" pretty much denies you bitter bitch status, not to mention the old part. I like the plate, too, however. :)


bobo: Despite my writing style, and being "hip with the internetz" you'd actually be shocked to know I actually am old and bitter. But then again, I was online when online wasn't cool, and all we had was usenet. :( Plus I have no damn life, which means I stay on the net all the time. *sigh*

But thanks for the compliment - your saying that about me is equivalent to going into the liquor store and being asked for ID. After a certain age it doesn't happen often; but when it does happen you feel your day has been made. :D

*suddenly feels young*

-The B.O.B.

Kristin aka kjnohr aka Trekkie Gal said...

WOW MOM is not a palindrome, but rather an ambigram. A palindrome is a word or phrase that reads the same forwards and backwards, but the term ambigram covers inversions and other orientations. :)

HorribleLicensePlates said...

A palindrome is a word or phrase that reads the same forwards and backwards.

WOW and MOM are both words that read the same forwards and backwards.

But you are right, it's also an ambigram.

Anonymous said...

When I read BZY for some reason the word boozy came to mind before busy.