Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jesus is my spell checking homeboy

Welcome to Lovin' the Lord Sunday. Today's theme:

(Q) What would Jesus do? (A) Use the spell checker.
Tracy sent in GEE ZUS. Geez.

Kate sent us B4GZUS (Before Jesus?). Or maybe it's BAJESUS? Like, "You scared the Bajesus out of me!"?
Erika S. sent in JSUSSVS (Jesus saves). This driver saves his character limit by excluding the E.
Karl M. found 4CRYST (For Christ?). He writes: Jeebers Chryst, dis driver needs ah gud speelin' lessin - and some serious driving lessons too - the blue handicap spots are for the handicapped - and this person has many mental handicaps, but none that qualified them to use the spot (and no rearview mirror handicap hangy thingy either, I checked).

Ah don't fret my friends— A member of the platerazzi has found the real Jesus (who spells his name correctly). He drives an Escalade.


Julesagain said...

Perhaps the B4GZUS plate says "Virginia before Jesus"?

and I busted out laughing at
"(A) Use the spell checker."


LadyStyx said...

*shakes head*

Hey...alright! Yay Karl!!! I thought I recognized that plate!

Jerod Poore said...

JSUSSVS (Jesus saves). This driver saves his character limit by excluding the U.

You might want to do a spell check on that one.

There is a slim, but greater than zero chance of people wishing to keep Commandment numero trois. Given the numerous spelling problems on Craigslist, I doubt it.

Wolvie Girl said...
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Wolvie Girl said...

When I saw the B4GZUS plate I saw "bagz us." And what do they actually mean with the before Jesus comment anyway? Are they standing before Jesus, i.e. in His presence? Do they put their car before Jesus, or perhaps their driving reflects their behaviour before they became a Christian? I'm guessing the third option ;)

8GR8LOLCATS said...

B4GZUS- with the handicapped logo on the plate!

It must mean that they were miraculously healed... but they still use the handicapped plate to get better parking spots! Thank you LORD!

jackie31337 said...

Not only does Jesus use the spell checker, you can be sure He'll never lose a document if the computer crashes, because Jesus saves.

KatieMB said...

I honestly didn't think the Loving the Lord plates could get any worse. "Gee-zus"? Seriously?

Amanda said...

I read B4GZUS as "Be For Jesus"