Sunday, November 16, 2008


So to answer last week's question: What would Jesus drive? We have finally found the answer: A black Cadillac Escalade (of course!). Our friend Julie writes:

Mr. & Ms. HLP,

About two summers ago I found JESUS!

Literally, in the parking garage of a mall. He drives a brand-new black Escalade apparently. It's not as funny as some of the other vanity plates out there, but Rhode Islanders take their plates very seriously, so this dude must have had some BIG connections in HIGH places to get his choice through. I guess it's all about who you know!

Thanks Julie. This plate is a great addition to Loving the Lord Sunday.


FreedomFirst said...

Lol! I was all set to take a photo of a JESUS license plate in a parking lot on Friday, and some annoying old lady decided to park behind me with her signal on and wait for me to put two toddlers and a load of groceries in, and then back out. Ugh. I was tempted to go ahead and walk over there anyway, but I decided not to.

But it was one of the old PA license plates, on an old black two-door car, and I could swear I remember seeing that exact same license plate when I was a teenager. There can't be two from PA with the same word. Weird.

Deborah Godin said...

I'm really tempted to reply to freedomfirst's comment with an observation about resurrecting old license plates, but I won't.

Ali said...

deborah-good one!

this is my favorite Sunday posting yet...of course its a black caddy!

Leslie said...

This reminds me of that old Ray Stevens song "Would Jesus wear a Rolex?" Yes. Yes he would.
Twenty bucks says that Caddy has spinner rims on it too. :-P