Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nothing a shot of vodka and a Xanax won't fix

Maybe you should hop on the HAPY BUS, IM SAD? I took this picture at the local Wal-Mart. There was a woman trying to pry a small screaming child out of his carseat from this vehicle. Plus, this wasn't a bus at all, it was a van. Nothing about this situation screamed happy.

Our good friends at Urban Dictionary define Happy Bus as:

People who are particularly drunk or wasted on drugs.
"Those people over there are definitely on the happy bus."

So that might explain things.


FreedomFirst said...

I can totally relate to the mom trying to pry a screaming kid out of the car. Sheesh. Note to childless people: Don't EVER make assumptions about a parent based on a few minutes of watching their toddler. They really can be little monsters. Give them everything they ask for, or nothing; it makes no difference in their attitude.

Herbee said...

The thing that bothers me about the IM SAD plate is that the plate holder says "Nurses do it with care". I'm not so sure I want a nurse that is SO sad, he/she feels the need to put it on their license plate! That just smacks of "Angel of Death" to me! Scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaary!

I like the HAPY BUS plate! Maybe it's like sarcasm and I luuurve sarcasm!
Mom with sreaming toddler: "Yeah...come join me on the HAPPY BUS! *eyeroll*"

Watercolor said...

Maybe SAD are her intials....?

Poetry Sue said...

when My screaming toddler is in the car I wish I was on the Happy Bus

~E said...

Wait...she's a NURSE?!?!?!!

Get that chic on some Prozac STAT!

dizzblnd said...

It IS scary that the depressed woman with the screaming kid is a nurse.. She might be right out of Misery.

I would rather take the happy bus to the mental ward TYVM!