Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I would not put this on a car, I would not put this on a truck

I was feeling a bit poetic this morning. Enjoy.

One feeesh, two feeesh, red feeesh, blue feeesh.
Black feeesh, blue feeesh, old feeesh, new feeesh.
This one has some feeeshin’ bait.
And this one has a vanity plate.

Say! What a lot of vanity plates there are!
Some are red, and some are blue.
Some are old and some are new.
Some are sad, and some are glad,
And some are very, very bad.
Why are they sad and glad and bad?
I do not know, go ask your dad.

(Who probably drives this vehicle). Photo by Sara. Thanks!


dizzblnd said...

I Love your poetry! LOL

Persnickety Ticker said...

That was Seusstastical! You have some mad skills there...

Leslie said...

Personally I just love the spelling because growing up in a border town down yonder by Mexico, this is how fish was regularly pronounced.
It's nice to know that someone else in the world knows the joys of going feeeeshing.

Becky B said...

I've always got the Suess on the brain. Cute!

FreedomFirst said...

Hehe. At least he was smart enough to put a picture there so we would all know what he meant.

What do you think this license plate meant? ALL HCKY My sister and I saw it this morning and are split on what it means. I thought it said "All Hicky", she thought it said "All Hockey" or perhaps referred to a hockey team from a school with the initials A.L.L. We were in fast-moving traffic so I didn't dare whip out the camera phone. The more I think about it the more I lean towards her explanation.

Poetikat said...

The problem being that all the "FISH" plates were already taken, so they had to be inventive. Actually, the "FISH", "FESH", and "FEESH" must have been taken. Somewhere out there... there may even be a "FEEEESH" plate.

Loved your spoof.


Amanda said...

I would probably have a plate like that, because my cat is named Fish, but she gets called FEEEEESH to distinguish her from Actual Fish For Eating.

There is no license plate with a fat grey cat on it, though. Alas.

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