Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fun with Misinterpretations (2nd edition)

I enjoyed writing last Saturday's Fun with Misinterpretations so much that I thought we'd do it again this week.Our first plate is from Lexi. GN SHOPN looks to me like this driver has "gone shopping," but she could also be in the market for a new gun. Or gin. I don't know which is worse.

Kelly sent in MOOSEX4. She writes: I don't know, maybe this was supposed to be moose x 4 (which still makes no sense), but as soon as I saw it I thought moo sex. Sex with cows. Moo.

Utterly insane.

Got any more misinterpretations for us? Send them our way!


Jenna said...

knock knock.

who's there?

interrupting cow.

interrupting cow wh...


*~*Lis*~* said...

that's a Maine plate right? 'nuff said

LadyStyx said...

Gone, going or even Gown shopping (maybe a future bride?)

MOOSEX4... Moo's ex 4. The cow's 4th ex? Sounds like alotta bull to me.

manz said...

I definitely read gun shopping for the first. For some reason, on my first glance at the second, I actually read moose sex, even though some letters would have to do double duty for that interpretation.

MooseNuggette said...

I guess if they are Gun Shopping then the plate doubles as an anti-theft device.

What's wrong with MooseSex?

Seriously, Does this mean MOOSEX, MOOSEX1, 2 and 3 were taken??? Does the plate have anything to do with the car being a Taurus?

Great plate!

Amanda said...

I see GNSHOPN all the time at the main library downtown, but the lighting is always too dim in the garage for a pic. I think they must work there. The gun shopping interpretatin makes me think twice about story time. What with all the budget cuts and all.

Donna M. said...

MOOSEX4 must be this guy:

MooseNuggette said...


Judging by the look of that guy the cows were in it against their will or there was an awful lot of alcohol involved.

cris said...

or just an annoying attempt at mo sex for?