Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Most Wanted for the week of 3/1

Here is your weekly dose of what everyone has been tweeting over on Twitter. I had to narrow the list down a bit this week because there was an overwhelming number of HLPs out there this week. Come join the fun @LicensePlteBlah. @twinmomma's tweet of DMBLVR made my eye twitch a little. I love it! Great work my friends!

And vanity plate owners: There's no where left to hide. The platerazzi will find you.

MrsRJRG@LicensePlteBlah "DUKNUTZ" I'm not really sure what to make of that

MrsRJRG@LicensePlteBlah "APERFIC" driving a Honda Fit of course!

kthxbeth@LicensePlteBlah "FUN GAL" ...something tells me she didn't think that one through all the way.

twinmomma@LicensePlteBlah I have yet to get a pic of it, but there is a plate by my house that says "DMBLVR". I assume Dave Matthews Band. (I think this tweet got cut short, but I think what twinmomma was going to point out was that it looks like DUMBLOVER, and I agree! Ha!)

xoSarah@LicensePlteBlah RIKROLL--SO mad I didn't get a picture.

kthxbeth@LicensePlteBlah "GARROTE" (I'm scared)

schwalb@LicensePlteBlah was cut off by KREEE8V this morning... was annoyed at both bad driving and lame (creative?) spelling.

j_hulme@LicensePlteBlah 1DERYRZ - I didn't get a chance to see if it was Fred Savage driving :)

DChi606@LicensePlteBlah A big pick-up truck with plate "MR WOOD." I'm assuming the owner is in construction, but wonder how that slipped by DMV.

Freedomfirst @LicensePlteBlah I saw a Jersey license plate that really got the rage going a few days ago. "SEE SAW". I kid you not.

mouseybratAfter @LicensePlteBlah a week of seeing names i finally saw: LALA, STRAYS, ERGOSUM, COUSIN, FSTWRX (on a subaru wrx) and PTBEAR (on a pt cruiser).


Anonymous said...

FUN GAL... FunGal... fungal! LMAO!

That poor short-sighted woman. It almost reminds me of that entry from the fail blog for the person that had the license plate that said DIVA GINA.

The RIKROLL one was funny too. I would love to see a picture of that one!

FreedomFirst said...

I think PTBEAR sounds funny. Hehe.

Katie said...

My tech process teacher's name is Mr. Wood and he owns a construction business.