Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Most Wanted via Twitter for the week of 3/15

Word up to all my Tweeters! Once again this week I've had to narrow the list to our favorites because the response was overwhelming, but all of the tweets made me chuckle. Rock on my platerazzi friends! As always, you can join us @LicensePlteBlah via Twitter. Share your Most Wanted in the comments. See you next week!

dave6834@LicensePlteBlah I saw a courier the other day with license plate: CURRIER. Does he curry favor? or make good curry? Not sure...

j_hulme @LicensePlteBlah - IAMASPY - covert FAIL!

AbsoluteLeigh@LicensePlteBlah During rush hour--ILUV ICE--Cold? Bling? Drugs? You decide.

MusicGrl@licenseplteblah on VA plates: 2LIPS4U I suppose I'm supposed to think flowers, but I don't. :-p

DChi606@LicensePlteBlah "5 BOYZ" Let me guess how many sons they have.

dandibandit@licenseplteblah Illinois license plate: NOT DULL.

nickichai@LicensePlteBlah THE AXE - a woodcutter, or the corporate layoff guy?

museummusings@LicensePlteBlah Saw a gold minivan with RI plates: "HELPME" Help with what exactly? Also seen today: "SEGA" a video gamer perhaps?

amtatunc@LicensePlteBlah MY KARMA on a Prius. Smug sense of superiority, anyone?

kaseynicole@LicensePlteBlah Spotted on the back of a new 4-Runner: THA1

linearlymorning@LicensePlteBlah Mini Cooper with plate PLATO. I giggled.


FreedomFirst said...

Was that supposed to mean "Thai" as in from Thailand, or "Tha one?"

I just saw "OH SUZI" on a broke-down looking little car with DE plates.