Sunday, October 5, 2008

DEATH RO (now get out of my lane, please)

This gem was snapped by me after work one day. I was almost afraid to get this picture because I thought the driver of the vehicle might assault me with his Jeep Wrangler. Nonetheless, I was able to stealthily capture this candid photo. And hopefully (according to his message to the world) we won't have to deal with this person much longer. Extra points for the chain license plate holder. This one is going into the Hall-of-Shame.


Dan said...

Hahah this is hilarious. Great site!!

acute_disaster said...

This is such a fantastic idea!

That would be cool if you become as big as PostSecret.


You, my friend, have earned yourself a follower.

You should be known by all!


horriblelicenseplates said...

Thanks acute_disaster. We here at Horrible License Plates love you and promise to bring you much joy.

Anonymous said...

What was this person thinking?