Friday, October 17, 2008

I Didn’t Spend 6 Years in Evil Medical School to Drive Around with a Normal License Plate

You are so evil. So evil, in fact, that you must cackle on your vanity plate. I actually think this one is great. It doesn't make me want to pull you over to arrest you for lameness (unlike some of the plates on this site, *ahem* see below). You get extra points because your plate looks like it's been chewed by a beast from the bowels of hell. I bet your car spits fire and uses kittens for fuel.

Now, the obligatory Dr. Evil quote: Guard! Begin the unnecessarily slow dipping mechanism!

What is it going to take to get some frickin' laser beams on this car!?


FreedomFirst said...

I'm guessing the correct "MWAHAHA" was already taken?

On a side note, I saw a car yesterday here in PA with the tag "BATMOBL". I am not a Batman fan even on a good day, but the lameness was increased by the fact that, except for being black and shiny and having two doors, this very ordinary-looking BMW bore absolutely no resemblance to the Batmobile. Too bad I didn't have my camera. But then, I would have had to risk an accident to keep up with him anyway.

platty said...

ahh, you guys crack me up.

horriblelicenseplates said...

We love you too platty.

Chrissy said...

By far my favorite!! How do you find these??

imjacobsmom said...

Hey, have you read today's Pajama Diaries comic strip? If not I'll share. It contains a large panel with 8 Custom Plates For Busy Moms - NO XRCIZ, L8 AGN, JUGGLR, H8 2 COOK, FRZZLD, NOT 2-NT, FRKN OUT, NVR CLN just thought you'd want to know. ~ Robyn

acute_disaster said...

Lol, fantastic!

You know, I've never seen a vanity plate in person before. Maybe I just don't pay attention. But I will from now on.


I got my camera handy.


Anonymous said...

i saw one once that said


or translated: See u i court.


Persnickety Ticker said...

Kittens for fuel...bwahahaha!

Too funny!

Always In Style said...

hilarious post!

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

ha ha ha, this is great!

Lindsay said...

what kind of a laugh is "MUWHAHA"?? MUW-HAHA?!? M-U-W-HAHA???

is that maybe an impersonation of the evil laugh of a Mad Cow??
wait, no...that would be "MOOHAHA".
but maybe that plate was taken, so they went with MUW instead of MOO.

gosh, idk.
might be one of those drivers who seems to remember the turn signal being an optional accessory when custom ordering their vehicle, hence, they don't use it...