Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No, it's Wednesday

Don't you ever wish you could just fall out of bed in the morning and break both your legs so you could take a sick day? (via Overheard in the Office).

I feel ya dog.


acute_disaster said...

Haha. That's great! And I too wish I could do something to cause me to miss a day of school. Lol. Especially when the week is going incredibly s.....l....o....w

Keep 'em coming!


Anonymous said...

That's good...I like this one!! (Not that I didn't like the other ones...) Today I was waiting for my bus to pull out of the parking lot on my way home from school, and I noticed a bunch of the teachers' cars with vanity plates and immediately thought of this blog. If I had a camera, I definitely would have been tempted to snap a couple of pictures and send them to you (with permission, of course), but sadly, I was camera-less.

Anyway, I love the blog!

The Courteous Chihuahua said...

Jumped over from Cake Wrecks. Funny stuff and will now be on the lookout for crazy plates.