Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hard work has a future. Laziness pays off now.

These plates came in courtesy of Danielle in Wisconsin. Thanks Danielle, your contributions are exactly what we are looking for here. Wisconsin is a freaking gold mine for this stuff. Keep 'em coming!

Here we have a proud slacker. Nothing wrong with that. The first step to continuing to be a worthless turd, is admitting that you're a worthless turd. The second step is displaying that very fact on your license plate misspelled. The "C" and the "E" were just too... much... effort. You get some points, SLAKR, for finding the motivation somewhere inside of you to actually mount your license plate on your vehicle, but you lose one point because you failed to remove your temporary plate from your back window.

I would like to see YESICN rear-end a NOICANT, just to see what happens. I predict an explosion of rainbows and unicorns. Your complete lack of reality is making you a bad (and annoying) driver.

How sweet it was to get these both in one email. FANTASTIC work.


FreedomFirst said...

Haha, the SLAKR is hilarious. What has the world come to?

Anonymous said...

I'm personally rather fond of YESICN. That's one optimistic driver!

jenn said...

Oh man. I have a friend from MN that lived here (WI) for a few months. She kept saying how odd it was that a lot of the plates were personalized, and weird sayings none the less. I guess I didn't pay that much attention until she said it...and now they are everywhere!!


Meredith said...

Virginia has an unusually large # of vanity plates. I had a vanity plate, but i am not creative and it was nothing interesting.

Mom In Scrubs said...

I came over from Writtenwyrd. Great blog!! I love vanity plates - my husband's Jeep says ALWYZL8. I used to have matching plates that said IH82BL8. I'll see if we have pics and send you one! Alas, my plate is gone with the arrival of my company-owned vehicle. Free gas, who can complain?

I did a post last week on this very subject - prompted by my spying of a plate that made my brain scream in agony: PONYETR.

You're welcome to stop by and read it!!

The Pony Eater - My 100th Post

acute_disaster said...



I see you have more followers.

See? You're halfway there to being as big as PostSecret.

Keep up the good work.


danielle said...

You are welcome! I actually snapped these two within a couple miles of each other.

I myself have a vanity plate, dedicated to one of our family's favorite cartoons- Invader Zim.