Saturday, October 18, 2008

Someone done stoled my wheels.

Interpretation: What it do. I'll tell you what it don't: It doesn't make sense! This is the kind of plate that makes me want to start a blog called HORRIBLELICENSEPLATES.BLOGSPOT.COM so I can share my frustration with the world (*screams into pillow*). What it do?! Is that even a question? Your poor grammar reminds me of Cletus from the Simpson's who provided the title to this post. Cletus, this one's for you. Your one defining quality (and message to the world) is that you cannot form a sentence, but you can still drive this monstrosity of a car around (barely).


Anonymous said...

I wish I'd had my camera last night...

There was a plate that said


Took me a minute to get it, I was thinking 1st, 2nd, 4rd??? Then it hit me - FORD.

But it was on a Mercury?!?!

Becky said...

What it do? Hmmm let's see, it do drive down the road (if you're lucky). It do play music (again, if you're lucky). It do drink gas.
What in the heck does he mean???? What it do? That makes no sense!

k-bro said...


I just found your blog and I love it. Keep up the good work!


amy in ct said...

love the blog, just found you the other day,
thanks for your comment too... i apreciate it, and it helped alot today.

Hossrex said...

Now *THIS* one is a head tilter. WTF does "what it do" (translated) mean?

Anonymous said...

"What it do?" generally means "What's up?" There's a definition here on Urban Dictionary:

*Warning: Do not surf Urban Dictionary if you are easily offended. Some of the entries on this site are very unpleasant.