Monday, February 2, 2009

I'll have one Roethlisberger With Ketchup and Cheese

I couldn't decide who to cheer for during the Super Bowl yesterday. Then I realized that I could look to my vanity plate collection for guidance. So I concluded that the Steelers needed to win, because no one sent in a Cardinals plate. Then I drank a lot of beer.

Surprisingly this method worked. Thanks Jen H. for a perfectly timed submish!

Just because I spent 2 whole days archiving over 500 vanity plate submissions, I am going to bombard you with all of the losers from this year. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.
Here we have LVBRNCS. I assume your love is for the Denver Broncos. Or the Bronx? Or you love brown cats? I don't know. Any other c-words you can think of? Hm, never mind... Don't answer that last question.
Dem Bears stunk dis year, eh? Here we have a Bears Fan. I know this because of your license plate holder and decal, but to me, from afar it looks like you're into BEAR F'N. I'd like to buy an A for clarification please.
Sorry Dallas, you lose too.

Someone call a doctor!

Finally, we have what looks to be a transplanted Cheesehead driving around the state of Nevada. I am new to the state of Wisconsin myself, but I will never understand you people and your football.

Photo credits:
BEAR FN1 – LadyStyx
TCHDN – April H.
FANFVR – LadyStyx
CHZHEAD – Rogier V.


Ashley said...

This is quite the comprehensive list you have going here. No Colts plate?

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

What a fun day!

Contest Chris said...

Great Post! In fact, it is the Featured Post over at Worth a Thousand Words.

Go Cardinals.

HorribleLicensePlates said...

Thanks Chris! We are flattered!!!!

cmk said...

Oh. My. Stars. I live in the UP of Michigan and people HERE are huge Packer-backers and I STILL haven't figured it out, either. Not only do I HATE football--because of Packer fans--but I despise most Packer fans, as well. They are not to be understood.

HorribleLicensePlates said...

cmk - I am glad I am not the only one who thinks this!

leslie said...

I really wish my neighbor across the street would get a vanity plate already so I could send it to you. He has the most AWFUL tailgate mural for the Denver Broncos...surrounded by lightning bolts no less. (meteorology and goes together perfectly, no?) The minute I see a BRNCS plate go up on that thing it's headed your way.

Jen H said...

:) I love the "brown cats" interpretation!

WV - weamende - "Weamende broken English, poor grammar, and lack of vowels on license plates through ridicule"

Deborah Godin said...

I doubt we'll see any football plates from MI for a while. Who wants LIONSUK?

LadyStyx said...

Only 500 submissions? Man, we need to step it up some then.