Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Katie H. in NC sent us this article she read on the front page of her local newspaper. Notice the plates on this Lamborghini read: ITSYELLO. Here is a snipit from the article:

A piece of yellow plastic here. A turn-signal bulb there. Chuck Maner picked up remnants left behind after a tow truck hauled away a Lamborghini that crashed Friday afternoon on Norwalk Street.

"It's the closest I'll get to a Lamborghini," Maner said.

He held up two handfuls of decadent Italian debris and mentioned the song "One Piece at a Time," in which Johnny Cash describes stealing a car piece by piece from 1949 to 1973.

"If I furrow around enough, I'll get a full one," Maner said.

Good luck, Mr. Maner. Did you happen to snag that plate?


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Jen H said...

This ties in with my utter hatred for yellow cars. The poor car - but the driver deserved it for driving such a horrendously offending color around, craving attention. :)

Lildonbro said...

That's hilarious! I love that it's front page news too!

jengersnap said...

I bet the plate was exactly what the driver told the investigating officer.

"But sir, the light! I swear its yello when I went through the intersection! It's not my fault!!"

Cue fake tears.