Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Most Wanted Week of 2/22

Here's this week's Most Wanted via Twitter. @MrsRJRG gets the award for best plate this week with her tweet of "SHETRNY." I don't know what to say, except you guys are awesome! Can't wait to see what you find next @LicensePlteBlah.

El_Smacky @LicensePlteBlah White Toyota with AZ plate: KAMRI. Guess what the model was?

Smoochiefrog @LicensePlteBlah Seen yesterday, TYM 4LUV

mouseybrat @LicensePlteBlah here is what i saw over the weekend... FAJITA, POOLS1, PHOTOS and BUGLUV.

DChi606 @LicensePlteBlah A big pick-up truck with plate "MR WOOD." I'm assuming the owner is in construction, but wonder how that slipped by DMV.

kbrobaseball @LicensePlteBlah state plate: XXL-666. Does this mean the devil's a big dude?

MrsRJRG @LicensePlteBlah "DAMSEXY", "DRK NHT", "READHEAD". I wasn't able to verify the veracity of these plates though.

MrsRJRG @LicensePlteBlah "I♥MYJON". Normally this isn't funny. But because 'Jon' is also synonymous with 'toilet', it is quite humorous indeed.

j_hulme @LicensePlteBlah - LA<3LADI - I think they used to be called ladies of the night, but that doesn't fit on a plate!

MrsRJRG @LicensePlteBlah "SHETRNY" ... She-Trany? It was a woman driving.... I think

j_hulme @LicensePlteBlah - AVID O2 - Yes, I like my oxygen as well. I don't need a plate for it.

DChi606 @LicensePlteBlah "TRBO SKY" on - you guessed it - a Saturn Sky... which almost ran me over.

kmtetour @LicensePlteBlah from levarburton: RT @DanHardman: Levar Burton's license plate: "KUNTA". True story. Source: LA Times


Anonymous said...


/head asplodey

Mrs. RJRG said...

Whoo hoo! Best plate award!

And to h3llc4t - SO SORRY for the typo on one of my other tweets. It should have been REDHEAD.

Anonymous said...

It's no problem; I seriously thought someone had chosen to put that on their plate...in magic 8-letter-plate land...yeah, I dunno how it'd work.

FreedomFirst said...

I saw a Jersey plate two days ago that said, "PHONE 2". I wonder what that was supposed to mean?

Donna said...

I'm getting a used Saturn next week, I was thinking of getting a plate that says "JUPITER", just cuz ROFL