Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Most Wanted for the week of 2/8

Great work this week my Twitter friends. The plate rage seems to be spreading, and I like it. Found a plate you hate? Didn't get that picture? Tweet me, @LicensePlteBlah. <3 2BONE?! Dr. 69?? You find all the good ones...

amandavackrinos @licenseplteblah just saw CA plate "<3 2BONE" on a ford focus. how did that one slip by the dmv?

MrsRJRG @LicensePlteBlah "2NVTHIS". It wasn't anything to envy, trust me!

MusicGrl @LicensePlteBlah IS JESUS - not sure if it's theological angst or Loving the Lord.

MusicGrl @LicensePlteBlah 96-MPALA on a - *gasp* - '96 Impala.

MrsRJRG @LicensePlteBlah "ITS4XX" ... Really?

desikitteh @LicensePlteBlah seen yesterday, RXTURBO. guess what type of car it was. :op

MrsRJRG @LicensePlteBlah "TIMAAAH" a la South Park.

kmtetour @LicensePlteBlah DR 69. That's right. Either he's a sex doctor, or that's when he got his doctorate. hmmmm. I'm going with sex doctor.

geminitwinsfyre @LicensePlteBlah on a Fire Red 2009 Mustang "WAR HRS" with the way they were driving I'd say it could be hearse isntead of horse

mouseybrat @LicensePlteBlah I saw 4 horrible plates today. Starting with ROLO 2.Next was SAVE IT on what looked like a subcontractors pickup truck. Third was KNIZZA, google says this is a band and lastly ADWERA google says this is a breeder of Rhodesian Ridgebacks

freedomfirst @LicensePlteBlah I saw a license plate a few days back that I truly enjoyed. MADLYNN. I think it's perfect. It was on a minivan. It's the kind that leaves you wanting to know more. Did the woman's parents murder what was once a perfectly good name, or is her name "Lynn" and she suffers from anger issues or occasional dementia. I like to think it's the latter.

mouseybrat @LicensePlteBlah saw a lime green vw beatle last nite with the plate "FEISTY"


Lynne said...

I once saw 14U2NV in North Carolina on a BMW. Took me a while to figure it out....but very obnoxious!

Carrie said...

Wish I could get photos for the ones I see - seems like a lot lately! Yesterday brought me PNUTBTR, RELAAAX, OHSMILE and ADHD (remind me to stay away from that guy!)

Anonymous said...

3 2BONE reminds me of a former coworker, a Jehovah's Witness, who had a plate saying 3N1ACRD (or something like that). As well as a descriptive of his three-person family in one Honda Accord, it was supposed to = "three in one accord", a Christian reference.
Maybe 3 2BONE is actually "three to be one", and gotten by someone who'd be horrified to learn everyone is interpreting it lewdly?