Wednesday, December 16, 2009

FJ Loser

We've bashed Jeeps, Mini Coopers, PT Cruisers, Smart cars, Mustangs, and a whole bunch of others, but today it's the FJ Cruiser's turn.
These first two plates are from Brianne O. The first is FJ QTR. Is that "QTR" supposed to translate somehow to "Cruiser?" Or "cutter?" Or is is FJ Cuter? [barf]

BZ BEE (Busy bee). How creative. Your SUV is yellow and black. Bzzzzzz. Zzzzz. Zzzzz.

Our final FJ plate is from Samantha H., KRUZAH. Saying "cruiser" that way makes me feel like punching the air out of someone. *Ninja chop!* KRUZ-AH!


Michelle said...

The world is full of d b's. So sad that they feel it necessary to tell everyone via the license plate.

Intense Guy said...

Weird. I see QTR and I think Quarter. FJ... For Justa?

Now that would be sucky resale value...