Monday, September 14, 2009

You Lie!

There are certain types of vehicles that seem to attract the kind of people who get vanity plates. The Ford Mustang is definitely one of them.

We start with XPNSVE from Kelly T. She writes: [This plate] is just plain ridiculous. I mean seriously, how expensive could a Mustang be when they're almost as common as my Accord? This guy was getting off the highway in Scottsdale, AZ (a place where a BMW would be considered a daily driver.)

What you don't know is that the trunk is filled with gold bars and Cristal. And leprechauns. And broken dreams.

GIDDYUP is from Kathy in VA. You know, because a mustang is a horse. HAR HAR HAR.

Another, hey-my-car-is-a-horse plate. WONELLI (Whoa Nelly!) is from Alison B. I can't find where that phrase originates, but I do know it's what you shout at your horse when you want it to slow down. Argh. Too. Much. Thinking.

Girrrrrrl, watch out for MZ ATUDE (Ms. Attitude)! She will misspell your way into insanity. Plate snapped by Karl M.


Intense Guy said...

LOL@Giddy Up and Whoa Nelly.

I know a couple someones that not-so-secretly craves a 'tang.

Donna M. said...

I once saw MTPOKT on a sports car (many years ago though, long before there was a horrible license plate blog)

Anonymous said...

The horse ones remind me of my old Dodge Aries and the license plate I got for it -- BLEAT. (Aries = ram, sheep bleat, etc.) Stopped using the plate when the car got totaled...I guess the karmic pun police made sure the Aries got rammed.

tank said...

I'm ashamed to admit but "wonelli" made me laugh!

LadyStyx said...

*shoots a sidelong look at iggy*

.oO(only if it's a Shelby and you can keep the racing stripes)

wonelli might have another meaning:

oh...I know I haven't written an email but I've got some new HLPs in your folder....

Jason L. said...

LOL Giddy Up lives in my neighborhood!