Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We're not arrogant; We're just better than you

Football season is upon us, so we're going to celebrate with some fanatical vanity plates.

PLSWIN (please win) is a Green Bay Packers vanity plate and comes to us from fivetomatoes. At least they are asking nicely. It wouldn't surprise me to see a WINNOW out there somewhere though. Those Packer fans are scary.

R8DRH8R (Raider Hater) comes to us from PoetrySue. Hey, what is silver and black, silver and black, and silver and black? A drunken Raider fan rolling down the bleachers.

And finally, this Cleavland Browns plate is from Mark F.

FPITBG means exactly what you think it does: F*** Pittsburgh. Awesome job not catching that one, Ohio DMV.

Even more football plates for your enjoyment: I'll have one Roethlisberger With Ketchup and Cheese


Intense Guy said...

Wow. These sport fan plates are dense (hard to decipher). Maybe they know what all those random things a Quaterback says before the word hike! mean?

Max protect, slot left, X post, Y curl, Z cross! HIKE!

Deborah Godin said...

Put WINNOW on a plate sporting a Detroit Lions frame (if anyone would even do advertiste that these days...!)

LadyStyx said...

yes indeed. Any football fan is scary to me.

Anonymous said...

Hey don't judge Packer fans just because we all own blaze orange and deer rifles (the equivalent of sniper rifles) doesn't mean we're all crazy, just most of us...

Emma said...

The last one looks more like "Fap it big"