Thursday, September 17, 2009

Poor people drive the nicest cars!

Yes, good credit is sooo 2007. Let's explore the vanity plates of people who don't care to spill their bad financial moves in a public forum, shall we?
Robin D. sends in WE B BROK (We be broke?). She writes: The first plate was spotted in a restaurant parking lot... and was with several other Corvettes from Ohio. They all had vanity plates, but none were as dumb as this one. If you're so broke, maybe you should sell your Corvette!
Becky found a similar conundrum, IN DEBT. Note that this car is a BMW (average selling price: $35,000). She writes: Yeah, me too. Except I drive a minivan.
LadyStyx snapped O MYDEBT (this was on a fairly newish car). Yes, we know it hurts, but we still don't feel sorry for you.

Hey, here's a novel idea. STOP SPENDING YOUR MONEY ON STUPID VANITY PLATES. Argh. What is wrong with people?


KatieMB said...

Irony, thy name is vanity plate. ;)

ydontusteponit said...

We be bad at spelling and grammar too. Blah, these are awful.

LadyStyx said...

*laffin* Yeah but they're so awesome in their awfulness!

Donna M. said...

This would have been the perfect place if I could have gotten a picture of the Porsche with MTPCKT

Dave said...

Specifically a BMW M3, closer to 50K

Jason L. said...

Vanity plates in Virginia aren't expensive; only $10 more than a regular, non-vanity plate. So, many people them and they aren't budget-busters.