Monday, January 26, 2009

Being Knighted Just Got A Little Less Prestigious

So you have an odor problem that one might describe as "funky." You might also have been knighted. Hence, you became SIRFUNK. I can't even begin to imagine what the inside of this car smells like.

I know that funk in this case is probably not referring to the driver's scent (at least I hope not). He is probably referring to his mastery of the music genre.

Modern knighthoods, according to wikipedia, are typically awarded in recognition for services rendered to society: services which are not necessarily martial in nature. I would have to hear your music, but I doubt your service to society is getting you knighted. I mean, I could be wrong.

In my opinion, if anyone was to be knighted as SIRFUNK it would be James Brown. Just look at all the facial hair in this video. Prepare to get funkified.

James Brown came to me in a dream once. He told me that in order to groove and be mellow, you have to ditch the vanity plates, fellow. And then he did the mashed-potato.

Jen H., thanks for helping us get up offa that thing and dance until we feel better.


Jen H said...

Your commentary blows mine out of the water :) Thanks for making me laugh even harder than the plate already did!

Flartus said...

Man, how come I never get cool visitations in my dreams?

Why does this plate make the song "Can't Touch This" start running through my head??

Leslie said...

Oh look, it's Sir Mix-a-lot's cousin.

kimber p said...

you literally make me laugh out loud, much to the shock of my sleeping weiner dog who gets up and barks at me!! lmao!

Donna said...

Actually, SIRFUNK is the noise a Toyota makes when you drive it into a lake (after realizing you have this vanity plate)

Persnickety Ticker said...


Call me crazy, but that dude is something I loathe more than bad vanity plates. He's just creepy.

FreedomFirst said...

Oh! What a truly horrible plate.

LMAO! Word verification is "quithe". Sounds like something a SIRFUNK might say, in poor imitation of Old English.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Well somebody has to be it =)