Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How To Settle 98% Of Arguments

I must admit. I am a Googler. When you run a website about trying to decipher the world's whacked-out mystery license plate messages, Google becomes your best friend. Your best friend who knows everything, like what a melonhead is, for example. Or where to find videos of cats gnawing on corn cobs.

A vanity plate with the phrase "GOOGL IT" on it though? Really? How much are they paying you?

Here is a list of some of the humorous things people have typed into Google that have led them to our site. Enjoy:

-nice booty look good*
-"it's just a catfish"
-bag of rocks
-dont spit on my cupcake and tell me it's frosting - what does it mean
-i just want to be loved is that so wrong
-mind constantly in gutter
-funny bumper stickers, license plates, gynecology

Uhhh? Gynecology?

Thanks goes to Heidi, who snatched this picture from a friend.

*I'm almost positive they were disappointed.


Anonymous said...

I think I could settle only about 89% of arguments with the Goog.

Leslie said...

I actually really like this, and on a geeky note I'm very happy that Google is officially being accepted as a verb now. Now if only we could cram SNOPES PLZ on a plate then maybe I'd eliminate all those stupid emails about Bill Gates wanting to give me money and the computer virus that will turn all my chocolate into salad.

Robin said...

Maybe the driver works for the Google IT department? Living in Maine, they'd probably have to telecommute, but still, it could happen.

LadyStyx said...

This one's great! Im with Leslie..someone really needs to put a SNOPEPLZ or SNPESPLZ plate out there.

Katy said...

This would make a lot more sense here in Microsoft-land where Google just opened a big new campus. But Maine? Really? Do they even have internet in Maine?

dizzblnd said...

you can also "googl urself" It's GREAT fun

Herbee said...

I love this plate! I definately use Google as a verb and I would LOVE to see a Snopes plate! I've even gotten emails that say "I checked Snopes and it's TRUE!" and then I go check Snopes and it's NOT true! LOL!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I googled when I read this =)

Courtney said...

That's because those e-mail forwarding fanatics really want to believe that they're saving the world, so they trust that the person who forwarded it fifteen people back did, in fact, Snopes it.

I also love that Google is a verb. I YouTube things, I Facebook and MySpace people. I do love a good noun-as-verb transition.

Maybe that's why Yahoo! couldn't quite keep up with Google. It sounds much better to tell someone to Google something than it to Yahoo! it. And most states won't let you include the obligatory exclamation point, either.

Heidi Renée said...

Thanks for posting this!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was a preemptive response.

Other Driver: "Maine? That car's from Maine? WTF is in Maine? (looks at license plate) Yes, I think I'll do just that."

It might just be a clever ploy to up tourism.
(And no hate intended towards Maine. You have a very nice state, and lots of trees, and I like your crustaceans.)

Dan Kegel said...

Saw a California vanity plate
with "Googl it" today.
(Oddly, nowhere near a Google office.)

So of course I googled it!