Friday, January 16, 2009

She Is A Cute Little Kitty Who Goes MEOWPURRR

Ah, yes... reader e-mails. This one comes to us from Melissa:

I don't know if this is as funny to everyone else as it is to me, but the lady driving the car was probably in her late 70's... which, in my opinion, is way too old to have a stripper name like "Muffy".

Melissa, I went ahead and looked up the word Muffy in the Urban Dictionary for you and our readers, and this is what I found (These are just a few options. The rest of the definitions were just a little too racy to post here). If a word can be misinterpreted in so many ways, it's probably not a good option for a license plate, even if it is one's nickname.

1) A preppy female, quintessentialized at St. Lawrence University. The Muffy can be spotted with her Vera Bradley bag, coordinating accessories, and her upturned collar.
2) A male buffawoof.
3) Another word for a mouse
4) The foam part covering the ear piece on headphones. Most used when the part falls off the headphones.
5) Slang for vagina
6) She is a cute little kitty who goes MEOWPURRR
7) Drag queen
8) a fluffy puppy

I am going to go ahead and add #9 to the list: An impatient nurse.


LollyPOP!™ aka The Little Rockstar =] said...

Nurse Muffy... Ok, that sound weirder than you would think.

Lildonbro said...

What's a buffawoof?

Racy little 70-year-old nurse.

Kat said...

Wasn't Muffy a nickname back in 20's....I feel like some actress had that name, or maybe it was just in some movie.
Picture a gangster and his gal..Muffy :)

HorribleLicensePlates said...

Okay, the definition of buffawolf was too racy to put on the site, but if you look up Muffy on the UD then you will find what it means. So cover your children's eyes.

Arcee said...

There's something about bad puns on license plate holders and bumper stickers.

It's like she's telling us she wants us to be sick or injured. Without using first person adjectives. 'BE (my) PATIENT! NOW! YOU WILL BE (my)PATIENT!'

Donna said...

Well, maybe gramma is borrowing her daughter's car LOL

I went to high school with a "Muffy"...her real name was Margaret and she hated it, so everybody called her Muffy.

Flartus said...

This makes me think of Kitty Foreman.

Jen H said...

Ok, I looked up Muffy/"male buffawoof" and it's definitely... *shudder*. But what is still leaves me wondering is if that's a male buffawoof, what is a female or regular buffawoof???

LadyStyx said...

Yep yep yep...before I even got to the last half of the entry my mind had gone straight to the number 5. Conidering she's a nurse, is it possible she works for an ob/gyn?