Saturday, October 31, 2009

Get smashed

Happy Halloween! We're going to celebrate today with our favorite gourd, the pumpkin.Or as MooseNuggette points out, this could mean something totally different: Maybe the guy pimps his relatives?

Oh how clever! Your car is orange! I haven't seen this before. Oh wait...

I have.

I think G8 PUMKN is supposed to mean "Great Pumpkin," but maybe you have one that guards your gate? Try an "R" next time (pirates will be grateful). Thank you Chevy for creating a color that inspires idiocy on vanity plates. I appreciate that.

Not pumpkin related, but we're on our last days of Halloween, so I thought this last one was appropriate, TRK TRET (Trick or Treat? I know, it's a stretch). Too bad this plate is only relevant one day of the year.

Hope you have a G8 time trick or treating.

Photo cred (thanks):

FLYNPKN & G8 PUMKN - Heather A.
TRK TRET - Karl M.


MooseNuggette said...

I don't get it. What does a woman's sanitary product with wings (FLYing NaPKiN) have to do with Halloween???

LadyStyx said...

Maybe because they have wings, Moose?

Intense Guy said...

LOL @ Moose...